Flight Itinerary

Here's my flight itinerary for my trip to, and return from, China:


January 1st

5:05 a.m.-depart Duluth, MN 
6:14 a.m.-arrive Minneapolis, MN

8:00 a.m.-depart Minneapolis, MN
10:55 a.m.-arrive Detroit, MI

3:25-p.m.-depart Detroit, MI

January 2nd

7:35 p.m.-arrive Shanghai (14 hours ahead of Central Time)

Total time from departure to arrival is 24 hours and 30 minutes!

Return Flight

May 11th

10:00 a.m.-depart Shanghai
12:00 p.m.-arrive Detroit, MI

1:35 p.m.-depart Detroit, MI
2:30 p.m.-arrive Minneapolis, MN

3:35 p.m.-depart Minneapolis, MN
4:29 p.m.-arrive Duluth, MN

Total time from departure to arrival is 19 hours and 29 minutes-not as long as the first flight! I have plenty of reading material for these rides! Maybe I should get one of those neck pillows ;)

飞机 Fēijī  Airplane

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