The Xitang Water Village

The USAC group traveled to Xitang Water Village on our way back to Shanghai. This place was beautiful, but kind of a let down for what I was expecting. There was a lot of trash in the river system, and almost every shop sold the exact same cheap lighter, or puzzle, or monkey made out of wood. It was the same case with the food too! I had seen pictures of this place before and I expected that those pictures only gave a taste of what this village had to offer, but I was wrong. Also, Tom Cruise's picture was placed about the village in the locations where they filmed part of Mission Impossible 3 (I haven't seen this movie, and visiting this village does not increase my wanting to see this movie at all). Overall, I am glad I was able to come, and I got a few nice pics!
Shuǐ Water


  1. so what the heck are all these buildings built on?

  2. You should definately be a photographer. These pics are awesome!

  3. Laura, I am not certain what the buildings are built on. I believe that the water ways were originally rivers, and the buildings were built on the banks of the rivers, but that is just a guess.

    Thanks for the compliment Theresa!