English Tutor

I started tutoring a 13 year-old Chinese boy today! I was introduced to him and his mother through the USAC program director, You Sha. Basically, I meet him and his mother at Starbucks and help him with words that he does not understand. He has been studying English for about six years already, so his English is very good.

He was kind of shy at first, but after talking to him for a while he opened up. We talked about what he likes to do in Shanghai, and sports he likes to play in school. Apparently he is a very good at volleyball and basketball, but he recently broke his finger so he is unable to play.

After getting to know each other, we started with a review of his English lessons. He read very well, and I only had to listen for errors in his speech, which there were none! We finished up the session by starting to read James and the Giant Peach together. He said that he has looked at this book, but there are a few words that are too difficult for him. When we got to a word that he did not know I tried my best to explain what the word meant and how it was used. I believe he got the idea of what most of the words meant.

I think I will enjoy this job very much! The pay is roughly $15 per hour, and I get a free Starbucks coffee! Next week, I need to bring him a picture of a rhinoceros. He does not know what this animal looks like and he thought I was describing a horse or a type of dog!

犀牛 Xīniú Rhinoceros


  1. Tim,
    I read most of your stuff and I am happy for you! I remember the first time I lived out my home country and it changed me forever (in a positive way). Make sure you keep documenting! Oh, and practice better your impersonation of rhinos so it doesn;t look like a dog anymore.

    Take care

    ps: nice new major

  2. Hey Leo,

    I actually brought a picture of a rhino so he could see for himself! After seeing the image, he said he does know what the animal is, I am just a bad drawer!

    Yeah, you talked me into the T&L major. I am currently reading some books on ports that Dr. Stewart gave me for the Study Abroad 301 course. I will be touring Shanghai's port and seeing first hand how they operate, then I will compare it to L.A./Long Beach's port and compose a paper on their similarities and differences.

    Best of luck to you this semester!


  3. I think it is wonderful that you are tutoring a chinese boy. What fun! It sounds like you are having a fantastic time. Time flies soooo fast--enjoy every minute of it! Mary Sorensen