Chinese New Year

It's that time of year again! The largest annual migration of the human race! That's right, Chinese New Year is quickly approaching! 4 days from now, Shanghai will be filled with the sounds of fireworks echoing off the tall skyscrapers that are ever-present in the city. The fireworks are meant to ward off the mythical creature that comes to the villages to eat livestock and children, oh my! Apparently, most of China will be full of the noise from fireworks for the first 7-15 days of the lunar new year, depending on which village or city you visit.

Most people celebrate this holiday with their families. On New Year's Eve, they gather together and indulge themselves with an enormous amount of food! Children and the elderly receive red envelopes that contain money. For the children, the money signifies luck. For the elderly, it signifies longevity. (As I write this, my dorm room is being bombarded by the sounds of fireworks. Apparently people like to start early in the celebrations). This is just a brief introduction to Chinese New Year, and the holiday has a lot of depth to it. I would suggest checking out wikipedia's entry.

During this time, I plan to do a lot of exploring of Shanghai. I will be walking most of the way until: A) I have worn through the tread of my shoes, B) my feet hurt too much to walk, or C) I go someplace I am not supposed to be and get picked up by the police :) Let's hope it's A...

I'll be posting pictures of anything I find!

足部疼痛  Zú bù téngtòng Foot pain

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