You would not find this in the U.S.!

I was walking the streets that surround the campus looking for some tasty breakfast and I stumbled across an odd street vendor. She was cooking jidanbing guozi (鸡蛋饼馃子). It is a thin crepe/pancake topped with egg, green onions, cilantro/coriander, pickled vegetables and lajiao (chili sauce), with a piece of meat and fried bread culminating into a burrito-like breakfast sandwich.

So, I am standing in line waiting for my tasty breakfast burrito when my eyes start to take in the little shop. I wasn't prepared for what I saw. Apparently, when she isn't cooking up something tasty on her grill, she helping people's sexual frustrations by moonlighting as sex shop! In the photo below, you can see some of the blow up dolls on the back shelf and the Sex Shoppe Chef in action!

 做饭 Zuò fàn To cook

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